1. Introduction to L.I.S.A

1.1. The 30 second summary

L.I.S.A is:

  • an intelligent system to help you in your daily life
  • a framework to connect objects between them and expose a HTTP API

It was developed in order to have a “J.A.R.V.I.S” like interface (Iron Man).

The name come from “Weird Science” TV Show. Two nerds try to create the perfect woman on their computer and one night she come to life. In France, this TV show is named “Code LISA”.

That’s why this project has this name.

1.2. Building on proven technology

L.I.S.A takes advantage of a number of technologies and techniques. The networking layer is built with the excellent Twisted networking library.

L.I.S.A uses public keys for authentication to identify clients allowed to connect.

The Web interface is built on top of Django which is a web framework for python.

1.3. L.I.S.A Community

Join L.I.S.A !

There are many ways to participate in and communicate with the L.I.S.A community.

L.I.S.A has a chat and a Question&Answer website.

1.4. Q&A

The Q&A Website is the best place to ask questions about L.I.S.A.

1.5. Chat

The chat is hosted on Gitter. You will only need a github account.

1.6. Follow on Github

The L.I.S.A code is developed via Github. Follow L.I.S.A for constant updates on what is happening in L.I.S.A development:

You can follow the roadmap on Waffle :

And check the build status on Travis :

1.8. Hack the Source

If you want to get involved with the development of source code or the documentation efforts, please review the hacking section!